Other Hash Kennels

H3SoB Logo - Running Hare with big shoes and carrying beer

Hash House Harriers of SantO Barbara

The Hash House Harriers of SantO Barbara, H3SoB, run every other Saturday. They also have a monthly no frills Full Moon Hash. During the spring and summer months H3SoB also stages HOTT, Hash on Thursday Too, every other Thursday.

Web site: H3SoB.com

VCH3 Logo - dancing lemon with a beer

Ventura County Hash House Harriers

The Ventura County Hash House Harriers run on the second Sunday of the month, 3:00 during the summer, 2:00 during the winter. Think spring forward, fall back.

Run Starts on SBHash.com
Web site: On Yahoo Groups

Hasher Cross Check

San Luis Obispo Hash House Harriers

Hash every other Thursday with an occasional weekend celebration thrown in.

Web site: SLOH3.com

Road Trip Hashes

San Diego Hash House Harriers
San Diego has one of the most active running group of Hash House Harriers in the world, with 15 different "hashes" that run anywhere from twice a week, to once a year.
Los Angeles Area Kennels
The calendar for Southern California features information about Los Angeles H3, Long Beach H3, Orange County H3, Foothill H3, and others
Coachella Valley Hash House Harrier LogoCoachella Valley H3 ( On Hiatus)
CVH3 - a drinking club with a trail running problem. They are a BYOEverything shiggyfied hash that runs in the Coachella Valley area once a month.
Surf City Hash House Harriers
Surf City Hash House Harriers, founded in November 2000, searches for trail in and around Santa Cruz, California, which is located on the coast approximately 70 miles south of San Francisco. Hashes are held every Thursday evening, regardless of surf conditions, rain, flood, snow, earthquake, sun spots, rioting or bar tabs at 6:33 pm.
Bakersfield Hash House Harriers
The Bakersfield House Hash Harriers were founded by Pete 'Big Pete' Gernert & Paul 'Wahnke' Gernert of our mother Hash the Houston Hash House Harriers H4 in 1989. They meet every Monday at 6:30 pm in Bakersfield, California.
Sacramento H3
Sacto H3 runs every other weekend, usually on Saturday, but sometimes on Sunday. During the summer Sacto H3 runs every other Wednesday while during the winter months... just check the site...
Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers
FCH3 free runs are held at a different location in the Fresno/Clovis area every second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m... We also hold a number of special runs throughout the year, such as the Red Dress Run, Halloween Howl, and our Xmas run. Runs are 2.5 - 4 miles long and always end with 'down-downs', followed by a meal at a nearby restaurant or pub.

Traveling Hash House Harrier Links

Half-Mind Catalog - The online magazine for the international Hash House Harrier community with current and historical information compiled from various sources around the world.

World Hash Links - A traveling hasher's information resource with national and regional resources needed to hash around the world.