A Hash is Born - Santa Bastard H3

Raise a beverage to Santa Barbara's newest hash...drum roll please... t-t-t-t-rat-tat... weighing in at seven hashers and 24 PBR's... the Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers were born Wednesday, November 12, 2008.

There to witness the momentous occasion and name Santa Barbara's newest "drinking club with a running problem" were: Meatless Erection, Spotted Condom, Jolly, Land Ho, Poke Her, Where's My Waldo and Rub Her Dinghy.

Besides the name we worked out a few "standards" for the Santa Bastard Hash:


11/12/2008 - Hash #1 Whatchamacallit Hash
Whatchamacallit was the working name until we had a naming committee. This is YOUR Santa Barbara Hash, you name it.
11/25/2008 - Hash #2 First Hash as Santa Bastard H3
First virgins, Just Mike and Just Jen came out in pouring rain. They are still with the Bastards today.
12/4/2008 - Santa Bastard H3 Listed on Hash.org
This may not seem like much, but it announces to Southern California hashes that SBH3 is here and we're going to stay. SBH3 is listed in the calendar listing simply as "Bastards".
12/21/2008 - 1st Annual Festivus Hash
The first solstice of SBH3's existence was the first special event hash, first weekend hash, and largest turn out to date.
SBH3's first naming of a hasher. DeLorean was so named because he was fast, agile and had a thing for the white powder. DeLorean is a dog that could not, would not leave the flour be.