SBH3 Mismanagement

Bastard Hash Mismanagement - Lead Foot

Lead Foot

Lead Foot has been hashing since January 2010 and joined the Santa Bastard Bored as Beermeister in July 2010.

If you have to ask him why he wanted to be beermeister then you don't know hashing. What other mis-management position allows you first acess to all the beer? Yes folks he almost always knows where to find the beer! Hashing gives him every thing he loves: good beer, good friends, and good trails! On on!

photo of Land Ho

Part Time Beer Bitch
Part Time Hash Cash
Part Time Hash Flash
Part Time Religious Adviser
Full Time Hot Harriette

Quote: Hmmm. I like to Hash. A lot. I like to drink good beer. A lot.... My favorite color is Hashing Yellow.

SBH3 Habberdasher Where's His Waldo

A master debater, a cunning linguist, and an amateur gynocologist! He is wiley and wascally, often appearing momentarily and then disappearing into the bushes or shrubs or trees. He is hard to spot and even harder to forget, and everybody always seems to be looking for him - a lover of hot tubs in the rain, good beer, flour and trail!

Photo of Rub Her Dinghy

GM, Trail Miester, and Web Master of the Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers.

A little blood on trail is good for you.

Dinghy has been hashing for six years in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. The best things things about a hash are great trails and spending time with the many awesome people along the way.