Ventura County H3 Run Starts

BOSS / VCH3 Ojai Hash
VCH3 Hash : Five Hundred Forty-seven
SBH3 Hash Number: Eighty-four
Date: Saturday, April 9th, 2011 2:00 PM
Hares: Rub Her Dinghy & ?
Location: Old Baldwin Road, Ojai, CA
Cost 5.00

Notes: Check back for updated information before Run Start.

The Bastards are going road tripping to the beautifully shigalicious town of Ojai, CA.

All this rain has we've been blessed with lately has turned the mountains a deep verdant green, knocked down the dust and started the rivers flowing. Shiggy has not looked so good in a long time - well since last spring. But you get the point.

We invite you to come on out and get your fill of scenic mountain views, river crossings and swimming holes. You will need your complete, complete hash bag for this hash. There will be Turkey/Eagle splits and trails to satisfy any hasher.

*The BOSS (Bastards Out Somewhere Sometime) Hash is an extension of the Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers conceived primarily to get the Bastards out of town hashing territory that is virgin to us. It also gives us a chance to meet our fellow hashers to the north and south of Santa Barbara.