SBH3 Chalk Talk - Marking Checks

solved SBH3 check for hashing

The check to the right is typical of the way a check could be marked when hashing in the Santa Barbara area.

A single chalk slash in made to indicate that someone has gone in that direction in search of trail, not that they have found it, merely that they are searching.

Here it appears that three different hashers went searching, one with gold chalk, one with blue, one with green.

Blue hasher may be on trail or may not be, but there is someone checking that direction. The gold hasher did not find trail, so green hasher marked that direction as a "false" with three cross marks, then takes off in an unchecked direction looking for true trail.

Evidently, green hasher found a mark of some kind such as a hare arrow or three plops of flour. Gold hasher, returning from being unable to find any sign of trail, completes the single slash of green hasher and forms a pack arrow.

This check is now solved for the rest of the pack to follow when they reach it. Green hasher found true trail so there was no reason to check the remaining direction. True trail could still lay in the unchecked direction should the hare use some devious stunt such as a back check or YBF.

The time for all of this to happen could take around five minutes for a well marked trail. Five minutes when running is a long time. Checks keep the trail social, make running fun, and lead you to areas of Santa Barbara that you may have never seen.