SBH3 Chalk Talk - Pack Marks

You are not alone in trying to snare the hare and find the golden nectar of SBH3 hash, Pabst Blue Ribbon. You work together with the rest of the pack to solve the hares' devious marks. The first hashers to arrive at a check, the Front Running Bastards, will attempt to solve the check while the pack catches up. After determining true trail, those at the check mark it, giving the pack a chance to regroup and start off towards the next check.

This working together to find true trail is what makes hashing a game, a social way getting exercise. The use of good checks and backchecks by the hare can turn a DFL (Dead F@#$ing Last) to a Front Running Bastard in a matter of yards, and vice-versa.

Remember, hashing is non-competitive, social and fun. So take some chalk on trail and play the game. The more pack marks left behind, the sooner everyone finishes and the sooner circle begins.

Pack Marks

Hasher Pack Arrow - Straight line with arrowhead half way down shaft This is the standard SBH3 pack arrow. The trail may not point to true trail, but the pack went in this direction.
Hasher Pack Arrow - Straight line with  half arrowhead at headAnother type of pack arrow, with the same meaning as the preceding one.
False Trail - Three Vertical Chalk MarksFalse Trail - Three vertical marks telling you that trail does not go this way. This mark is used by the hare and the hounds.