SBH3 Chalk Talk - Hare Marks

Once you have deciphered the directions to an SBH3 run start, met a few hashers and had a beverage or two, it's time to get to the nitty gritty of the trail. The hare will be given a fifteen minute head start to lay the trail that will lead you to the sweet nectar of the gods: BEER.

The marks below are used by the hare to lead you along, just not necesarily in the right direction. Remember: Never trust the hare!


Hasher Cross Check Basic Hash Check Mark Trail can go in any direction from here.
Hasher check mark - three plops of flour Hash Check Mark - Trail can go in any direction from here. Mark is used when chalk not practical.
Hasher Harriette CheckHasher Harriette Check - Check solvable only by a harriette. Trail can go in any direction from here
SBH3 Visitor Check MarkSBH3 Visitor Check - Solvable by visitor or virgin only.. Trail can go in any direction from here.
Beer Near - oblong circle with B NBeer Near!!! - Beverages await in the direction of the arrow. It should be no more that 100 ft away, but never trust the Hare.

True Trail Marks

Hasher true trail three consecutive flour marksThree consecutive plops of flour. From any check, three straight flour plops mean true trail. ON-ON!
True Trail Arrow - Chalk arrow shower hashers the wayTrue Trail Arrow - Anywhere this mark is found is true trail.
Hasher True Trail - Arrow w/ three cross marksHasher International True Trail Arrow. This mark is occasionally used to mark true trail.
Turkey Eagle Split T and E encircled with arrowsTurkey / Eagle Split - The trai splits here with the turkeys taking the easier trail to the left and eagles going right.
Hasher Chalk Mark for true trail -Words On-On!On - On! - The shouts of the Hash House Harriers written in chalk. This is true trail usually used after a confusing twist of trail
On-In The words on - inOn - In - The end of trail is near, coolers of ice cold beer, soda, water and snacks await you fellow hasher.

The Deceitful Hare

These marks are used by the hare to slow the pack down and keep them all together. They are often used at the top of a steep hill.

Back 5 Check - circle with five in centerBack check five - Go back five marks and check for trail from there.
Unknown back check - empty circleUnmarked back check - The true check can be anywhere between here and the last check.
False Trail - Three Vertical Chalk MarksFalse Trail - Three vertical marks telling you that trail does not go this way. This mark is used by the hare and the hounds.
Hare mark - YBFThis mark is the internationally loved Hare mark letting you know that "You been F@#$ed." Go back to last check and try again.