On Trail with SBH3

Woo-hoo! You've deciphered directions. You've found the run start of the Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers. You've paid your five bucks. You've had a beer and met some new people. Now it's time to get out on an awesome Santa Barbara hash trail.

At the beginning of any hash, someone will sound a whistle to gather the pack around for "hare lies". hashers on trail through green tall grass fieldThe hare gives some indication or what to expect on trail such as how long the it will be, how many beerchecks there are, and if trail will be A-A or A-B.

A strong word of caution about the hare or hares: Never trust them. They are out to avoid being caught and giving up an article of clothing, not lead you to them. Repeat: Never trust the hare.

After the hare is sent off leaving a wake of flour and chalk, a veteran hasher will call for virgins and new boots to give a "chalk talk". This can be comical or academic depending on the hasher, but will add to your enjoyment of the day. Don't worry about understanding all of it, the marks will begin to make sense once you are out on trail.

Within the first mile you realize the marked trail includes loops, dead ends, check backs and other traps. The faster runners cover significantly more distance than the slower people because these Front Running Bastard run all of these false trails in order to find true trail.

A typical Santa Bastare H3 trail lasts about an hour, covering around three miles. The slowest runners and walkers will finish only a few minutes behind the fastest.

It isn't a race, it's about having fun.