Hashing Essentials

Hashing is easy. All it takes is a half mind and a sense of humor. There is no need to be in any particular physical shape, have the liver of Peter Griffin, or the orienteering skills of a jungle rat. Having all these skills may help somewhere but since Hashing is so non-competitive, this is not one of those places.

flour plop on dirt roud with ocean viewHashing takes place in the city and in the country. In malls, thru backyards, across highways, under highways, over hills, thru woods, trees, bushes, shrubs, thru culverts, across streams, briars, thru swamps, over rocks, over fields, construction sites, parking lots, abandoned buildings, sidewalks, roads ( paved and unpaved ) and anywhere else the half-witted will follow the Hare. While some trails are poison oak filled hills, swamps and industrial wasteland, by no means all are. Some of the best trails are laid downtown.

What is important is to have a great time, to laugh, and to meet new people. The links to the left are some pointers to help you make the most of hashing experience with the Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers, or any hash throughout the world really. Keep in mind that we are an irreverent bunch who are equal opportunity offenders who usually take any and every opportunity to offend. So if you don't have a sense of humor you might look for something else to do.