What to bring to an SBH3 Hash

A Sense of Humor
You can get away with being a half-mind but being able to laugh is, by far, the most essential element to having fun at any hash.
You will need five dollars for run fees. This covers the high cost of beer and snacks. A little more cash never hurts in case you want to call a cab or create your own beer check.
The Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers try to do what's good for the environment by not using disposable cups. And less money spent on disposable SoCo Ho and Prancevestite hashing their way across Santa Barbara Shores towards the beach.vessels means more money left for good ol' PBR. During circle each hasher pours their beverage so the lazy GM's don't have to. Having your inexpensive container for your beverages let's you be the judge of what and how much you want to consume.
This is nice little piece of equipment to have to let the pack that you are on trail. It also comes in handy when there is a need to frighten mountain lions or to summon help. Don't forget that senseof humor.
Running Shoes
You want a comfortable pair of BROKEN IN running shoes for doing trail. Do not wear new shoes as it is contrary to hashing traditions. Hashers have no rules, only guidelines.
Comfortable Clothes
It is not advised that you wear Sunday racing clothes or clothing that smacks of competition but you can. Do not forget that sense of humor, if you do.
Be aware that trail may involve creek crossings, mud and all sorts of shiggy. You will want to have a change of warm clothes and dry shoes for the post-trail circle.
Again many of our trails are through the most vile shiggy where poison oak is known to hide. For more on this, please see our poison oak page.
Head Lamp
All but a couple of Santa Bastard hashes a year are at night and many are off road. Either way, have a light available at all times for those trails through the tunnels under the freeway.
This may sound like an odd thing to need to go out for a run. However, considering the combination of the effects of an endorphine rush, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and an athletic group of people, it never hurts to be prepared.
Run Bag
Does this seem like a lot of stuff to have just to go out a have a little fun and a beer or two? It really isn't. A duffel or back pack simplifies everything and is useful for keeping all of your stuff together. Some trails are "A to B", where your gear will be taken to the end of the trail.
Sense of Humor
The faint of heart should be warned that Hash humor is occasionally of an adult nature. Bring a good sense of humor, an interest in the outdoors, and you are on your way to having a great time hashing in the Santa Barbara area with the Santa Bastard Hash House Harriers!