SBH3 Alcohol Policy

The members of SBH3 believe in responsible drinking. Hash clubs world wide are known for being crazy and doing almost anything, but drunk driving is foolish, not crazy. It is not condoned by SBH3.

1947 PBR Ad of bowlerThough we love for people of all ages to enjoy the trails and the circle at the end, we do not allow underage drinking - yes, we will check ID if needed. We always have soft drinks, sports drinks, and water for those who can't or do not want to imbibe the typical hash nectar!

Do not take our approach as being heavy handed. If you come to more than one hash, you will see that we really care about each other. We do not want trouble coming to anyone. We want to see you out playing with us again.

Secondary is that the members of Santa Bastard H3 feel that to hash in our corner of paradise is a privilege that cannot be taken for granted. It is important not to draw too much attention from the local Santa Barbara law enforcement agencies.